Saturday, 29 November 2014

How To Recover Mailbox From Recovery Storage Group In Exchange Server 2007

The Recovery Storage Group (RSG) introduced way back in Microsoft Exchange 2003 has been considerably improved in Exchange 2007. Unlike previous versions of Exchange, users no longer require an Active Directory recovery to restore items to mailboxes because of RSG. This has improved the interface of Exchange 2007 radically and has created the competency to use power shell commands for recovery. 

How to Increase Storage Quota in Exchange 2010 Server

In this tutorial, we’ll have look at the how to increase mailbox storage quota in Exchange 2010 server. For an email accounts storage quota is available for a long time in Exchange server 2010 and below versions but it is generally the most overlooked part of database management. In this blog post you’ll get the complete steps how to set the size limitation per user mailbox account.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


This blog deals with how to install Exchange Server 2013 DAG having 2 members. DAG (Database Availability Group) has two networks—one is MAPI Network & another one is Replication Network. MAPI (Microsoft‘s email client software to communicate with Microsoft Exchange) & Replication (copy of a database to another server).

How to Configure Exchange Email in Thunderbird Email Client

Microsoft Exchange server is one of the applications in business world which is widely used for emailing. Microsoft also provides Outlook email client application for synchronizing Exchange server account which allows users to access mailbox database on their system.