Saturday, 27 December 2014

How to Restore Multiple Deleted Active Directory Objects

In this segment we will learn how to restore multiple deleted active directory objects. Before executing the deleting the user objects first we need to enable recycle bin in windows 2012 server domain.

Follow below mentioned steps and enable recycle bin in Windows server 2012 domain

Go to start and select the AD Administrative Center

From the left pane choose the local domain and select the enable recycle bin option from the right pane

This window asking you, are you sure to perform the action? Click on “OK” if you want otherwise click on “Cancel” 

Once enable action is completed, then refresh AD Administrative Center for confirmation.

Here we can see "Enable Recycle Bin” option is greyed out

Now start restoration process for deleted AD Objects

Before starting restoration process need to understand some point: The user account should be a member of DAG 

Let’s understand the process of restoration with example, Here we select two user objects for delete

Once it’s deleted then perform restoration tasks with GUID name

Restore Active Directory Object UsingePowerShell

Run this command which helps to restore deleted object



Once you run these commands successfully then it restores deleted objects with proper manner

In this blog post we have introduced the method of how to restore deleted active directory objects in windows 2012 serve domain. But one thing should kept in mind that if you want to perform this task first you need a GUID name (which user object you deleted you should be remember user name).

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