Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Easiest way to Remove SSL Certificates from Exchange Server 2013

One of the easiest way to remove the expired SSL Certificate from the Exchange server is using the Powershell command.

When any of the Certificate installed in it get expired , the Outlook starts showing the Security alert. To get rid of that Security alert we need to remove the Expired Exchange Certicate and should install the new one if required.

Just follow the steps described below to perform the operation:

Step1: Identify all the Expired Certificates from the Exchange

This command will show all the certificates that were installed in Exchange Server with the Expiry date.  Find out the Certificate whose date is expired.

After finding out the Expired Exchange Certificate, remove them if you want. The Powershell command used to carry out the process is  Remove-ExchangeCertificate. The Syntax of the command is given below: -

The highlighted dates indicate that the date of the Certificate has been expired.

Step2: Run Remove-Exchange Certificate Command:

Now run Remove-ExchangeCertificate Command along with the thumbprint to remove the expired certificate from the Exchange 2010

Conclusion: -

The method suggested above will help you to remove the expired certificate from the Exchange server 2013. In case if you are feeling any difficulty to proceed, Please comment we will try to solve it out as soon as possible.

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  1. please can i get another procedure on this issue with a clear pictures as step by step guide.