Thursday, 15 January 2015

How to Fix 0x8004010f Error in Exchange 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server, a huge database that controls the entire functioning of an organization is sometimes getting damaged due to some error & in those circumstances accessing database becomes critical. One such type of error is ‘Error_0x800401f’.  This is a very common problem among the users of Outlook.

So, in this we’ll be looking at what are the reasons behind its occurrence & how to get rid of this error.

Possible Reasons for Occurrence

There are possibly various reasons for the occurrence of the error ‘0x8004010f’. Some of the common causes that encountered are as:
While trying to synchronize offline addresses in Ms Outlook 2007 with enabled cache mode, you’ll get the following error message:


If the above mentioned error occurs, go for check that for your domain AutoDiscovery DNS record has been created or not.
This AutoDiscovery DNS record is a feature in Outlook 2007 which is used to get the information regarding the location of offline Address Book.
So, in order to avoid OAB download issues you have to setup AutoDiscover for Outlook 2007.

Also occurred when you’re trying to synchronize offline address Microsoft Outlook 2007 with disabled cache mode. The following error message will occurred:


This problem may generally arise when there are proxy settings on your email client i.e., Outlook client & due to this you have to face error while sync offline address. 
So to avoid this error the IP address of Exchange 2007 (CAS) server must be listed in exclusion list.

Meanwhile downloading OAB file some problem also occurred like while migrating from one Exchange server to a new server, sometimes it happens that replicas of OAB folders were not updated on the new server.

Solutions to resolve error 0x8004010f:

Below mentioned are the steps to fix Error 0x8004010f in Exchange 2007:
1. Go to the Internet Explorer,
2. Inside Tools, navigate Internet Options >> Connections tab 
3. Then, click LAN settings. Here select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box, & after that click Advanced button. 
4. Type FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the Exchange 2007 CAS server
5.Click OK & Restart the Outlook.

Note: Some additional steps should also be performed to resolve this error

Check whether the offline address list is currently running or not.
There should be one proxy configuration for Internet explorer.
After that download OAB again for checking whether the issues has been solved or not.

Conclusion:  So, in this blog post we have discussed about the error 0x8004010f in Exchange 2007. Also we have discussed the method to fix it. But sometime it happens that these methods don’t work on resolving this error then you should contact to the administrator for extracting your contacts. He will extract your mailbox into .PST file so that you can import all contacts from PST into your Outlook again. You can also go through one of our post for exporting contacts from exchange 2007 step by step.

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