Saturday, 10 January 2015

Split Exchange EDB file by Exporting it to the Outlook PST

Why you need to Export PST from EDB file

Save Space on Exchange Server: We know that entire information on the Exchange Server is stored in the EDB file with heavy attachment. If we don’t have much space remaining on the Exchange Server then we need to reduce the size of EDB file.
For that  you can delete the Extra items that are not required now or we can save the data as a backup in the PST form for future use.

Unable to Access Mailbox in Outlook: Suppose a situation you are working for an organization in the Outlook. Due to some reasons you are not able to access your PST file, i.e. Your PST file got corrupted. What will you do to get back the data. You can request the Administrator to provide the required data that has been deleted or corrupted. The data at the Administrator end is stored in the form of EDB file. Here you need to perform the Conversion of EDB file to the PST file.

Need PST as a Backup Copy: PST files are supported by all outlook editions except Outlook 2011 so We can keep our EDB data into the PST format for a backup purpose.

How to Export PST from EDB file

The following methods are helpful to split exchange server database file (.edb):
  1. Exmerge Utility
  2. Third Party Tools

Exmerge Utility:

You can use the Exmerge utility to Export the EDB file into the PST file. Burt one of the main limitation of the this Exmerge utility is that it will not work for the EDB file of size more than 2 GB.

For that you have to go for the third party tool. Third party softwares are easy to use and can perform the entire operation within a few numbers of Click. The Software can perform the conversion of both types of EDB file, i.e. Priv.edb and Pub.edb. No extra technical skills are required to perform the Operation, one having the basic knowledge can easily operate it.

Third Party Tools

I recommend 3rd Party Tools for easy & quick splitting of large size EDB files, these tools have option to provide exact manageable size of PST file. Thus, you can extract PST for any Outlook edition (ANSI or UNICODE both) and can break resultant PST file into smaller manageable files. One of the main point I liked about these tools that I didn’t need to perform any command shell or Powershell scripts to Export the PST from the EDB file.


The method that I have discussed above will help you to split large size Exchange database file into smaller size of PST file. In case if you are feeling any difficulty, please comment here, We will respond as soon as possible.


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