Thursday, 15 January 2015

How to Reduce the Size of Exchange Database (.EDB) File

Exchange server stores its complete data (Email, contacts, Tasks, jonurals etc.) into the EDB file format. This cause drastic increase in the size of EDB file. We need to manage the size of EDB file, otherwise it may lead to the corruption of the EDB file. In this blog, I will explain various method to reduce the size of EDB file.

What can you do reduce the size of EDB files like priv.edb, pub.edb, mailbox database.edb, public folder database.edb: -

  1. To manage EDB file you can make backup of your EDB file and use them in future if required
  2.  Delete unwanted mailboxes from the EDB file.
  3.  Do Offline Defragmentation

Let us discuss all one by one: -

Methods to take backup of the EDB file: -

There are several methods to take backup of the EDB file. But I will explain the method to take a backup using the Window server backup. First of all install the Window Server Backup to your system. Disable the Replication services before proceeding further

Now Login to your account by proving the credential on the Exchange Server.

Open the utility, Window Server Backup.

Then Action >> Backup Once

Now Select the Different Option and Click Next

Now you have two option to perform the Backup operation

1). Full Server: Use the option to take the Backup of the Complete Server
2). Custom Bacup: Use the method to take backup of the desired part and click next
3). Now browse the location where you want to store the file and click on the Next
4). Use the inherit option if you want to give the rights to all users to access the remote file and after it  Click on Next.
5). Now Open the Advanced Options page and select “VSS full backup” and click next
6). Now run the backup and close the dialog box after completion of the process.

Take backup of your EDB file and delete it from the server (Which is not required in the near future). With that you can reduce size of EDB file upto some extent.

Move data from database to another database and perform Offline Defragmentation of the data: -

This step might help a little to sort out the size of EDB file. For that migrate data from EDB file to another database and carry out the process of Defragmentation. Defragmentation is required because you will find that size of the Database will remains unchanged even if you have transferred the data. The data that has been transferred from the EDB file Creates the White Space and due to that it does not put any effect on the size of data. So carry out the process of defragmentation to reduce Size of EDB file.

Delete unwanted mailboxes from the EDB file: -

To reduce the size of EDB file simple thing that you can do is delete the mailboxes of the clients/users that have left the office. At first take the backup of their mailboxes if it is required in the near future and delete them to make free space.

Conclusion: -

In this blog, I have suggested different methods which willhelp you to reduce the size of EDB file. In case if you have any question regarding the topic, Please comment below, we will sort out your query as soon as possible

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